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Closed for the season
Monday to Thursday Please call a head
Friday Please call a head
Saturday & Sunday Closed

Our refund date has past, there are no further refunds at this time.
No refunds after May 17, 2019

The refund request must be made in writing, email requests are acceptable
There is a $25.00 handling fee on all registration refunds, and service and late fees are non-refundable

April 1, 2019 a $20 late will apply.


A Member of Soccer Northeastern - Ontario Soccer - The Canadian Soccer Association

Email: Phone: 705-494-7388

The office is now closed for the season. We would like to thank all our coaches for their dedication and the time they volunteered to make the soccer season such a successful one. We do hope that all coaches will be able to attend our coach's night and have dinner with us.

North Bay Youth Soccer Club’s Annual 2019 Coach’s Night

The North Bay Youth Soccer club would like to extend an invitation to all of our coaches.  We ask that you please join us for dinner and conversation. We want to hear from you coaches.  We want to learn how your season went, what you liked and what you didn’t like, and how we can make things better for next season.  We need your input!

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 10 at 6:00PM at 42 Gertrude St East, upstairs at the West Ferris Arena. please RSVP by August 28, 2019 by email or phone call

If you are looking for your pictures, they can be found at Whitman Jewellers. For picture info please contact Ray, the photographer directly at 1-705-690-4175

Coach's Corner

The Offside Rule 

We have now made an information sheet which provides information on the offside rule for all coaches who are running the U11's and above. If you have any questions on the offside rule please don't hesitate to contact the office on 705-494-7388.

The Retreat Line

The rational behind the retreat line and guidance on how to implement it is now available under the coaching tab. This rule is now being implemented for all U7 to U12 teams in North Bay Youth Soccer Club. It's vital that the coaches of this age group understand the rule. For more information on the retreat line please visit the Ontario Soccer Website.  

U5 and U6 Divisions: Tips and Tricks

In the past, some coaches have had the parents stand on the side lines, about a meter from the line and if the ball goes their way they tap the ball back into play.  This idea has worked for some and some of the children who are shyer were able to play easier knowing mom or dad were close.  Of course not all parents will want to participate, so please use your judgement. 

For line changes, some coaches have used colour towels and had 3 or 4 (depending on the division) children sit on each colour.  When it is time for the line to change, the coach yells out the colour of the towel and those children run out on to the field and the others go back to the towel they were sitting on previously.  Some coaches have used numbers, but the children often forgot what number they were.  Another coach used colour bands for the child’s wrist; this was ok until the children were more interested in the band then playing soccer.  Ultimately, please use whatever works for your team.  Please also let the office know what works for you so we can share it with other coaches.  We are always trying to improve and make things easier for coaches, so any hints or tricks you use would be wonderful to share. 

We also have a coaching page on our website for coaching the U5 Division.  Please click on this link for more information

WE ALSO HAVE A COACHING PAGE ON OUR WEBSITE FOR COACHING THE U6 DIVISION.  Please click on the link for more information

Soccer Camps

For the past 30 years the Rapides Soccer Club has been instrumental in the development of Youth Soccer in North Bay. One of the many ways the Club has contributed to local soccer is through the establishment of the Rapides Mini Soccer Camp. The Camp was founded by Susan Knight and first developed in 1988 from the need to build well-balanced players. The Camp provides an opportunity for children to participate in an affordable and professionally run soccer school.

This year the Camp is being held daily: Monday July 15th to Friday July 19th from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. location at VETERAN'S SOCCER Field. The registration fee is $50.00 and early ENROLMENT is encouraged as spots fill up quickly. Please make cheques payable to Rapides Soccer Club.  Each Camper gets a T-shirt!

2019 Rapides Soccer Camp Registration Form

North Bay Youth Soccer Club
 is pleased to announce partnership with Challenger Sports, the leading soccer camp company in North America. Challenger have recently combined the most popular elements of their two existing industry-leading camp programs, British Soccer and TetraBrazil, with a collection of some of the most effective soccer practices used by youth teams around the world.

This summer - July 1st - 5th at Veterans Field &/Or July 29th - August 2nd at Veterans Field - We are excited to host these brand new, innovative and fully integrated soccer camp that will accelerate the learning process of our players! - These Camps reflect the truly global nature of the sport today and provides young players with a wide variety of coaching styles, practices, and influences that will help them develop a well-rounded skill set. 

The camps will also feature a groundbreaking technology partner which will provide players with an app based platform which will help them learn skills quicker and more efficiently during the camp, and then help them to continue their education and skill development with camp homework and on-going virtual training throughout their season. This combination of on and off-field skill development will both engage and entertain players and will encourage them to push the boundaries of their talents.

Each camper will receive a FREE camp T-shirt, soccer ball, soccer poster/Certificate and free access to 20 free videos on the new I-Challenge App. In addition, any child who signs up online by June 1st  &/Or  June 29th will receive a genuine International Soccer Replica Jersey for just the cost of the shipping.. (Valued at $39).

For further information please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER or call Joe Medcalf at TF: 1.800.309.0212 – Ext 323. Cell: 513-446-7123 Or you can also email at  



If you have any questions about pictures please contact Ray at 705-690-4175

Click Here for Photo Order Sheet


Lost and Found


Are 14 years of age or older by March 31, 2019?  If so you can be a referee for North Bay Youth Soccer club.  We are looking for young people interested in WORKING evenings FOR 2-4 hours.   If you are mature, reliable, have good people skills, and an understanding of the beautiful game of soccer you are the perfect candidate.


To register to take the referee course, please visit the  ref centre  Once you are at the website please search for the clinic under "Search By Club" and select West Nipissing.  Once you have selected West Nipissing and the course information page opens, please click on the "Register" link and follow the on screen instructions.  Please note, priority is given to youth referees. If you need more information please do not hesitate to call us at 705-494-7388

A message from the Nipissing University Lakers

On behalf of Nipissing University and Nipissing Athletics, we want to express our gratitude and appreciation for the ongoing support from the North Bay Youth Soccer Club. We have prepared a short video to say thank you! Check out the video. 



Message From Paul Cook Head Coach of Youth Soccer:


Thank you for volunteering to support Youth Soccer Programs again this year. We have close to 2,000 children registered this year and we couldn't run our leagues without your ongoing commitment and support.

As Head Coach for North Bay Youth Soccer I wanted to take this opportunity to remind all of our coaches that we are a, "House League" and we expect that you will coach using fun, fair play, sportsmanship and player to development to guide each of you again this year.

Remember you are role models for the players and their families. Unfortunately each year we lose a number of our referees because of the actions of a small minority of coaches and parents. We ask you to be patient; especially with our younger officials as like many of you they are learning their new roles and responsibilities. Any abuse of our officials will nor be tolerated.

One of my roles as Head Coach is dealing with complaints regarding coaches. These could include complaints from other coaches, referees, players or parents. Complaints are to be directed to the Soccer Office and if they cannot be resolved between our coaches or the Soccer Office they will be directed to me for follow up. We are very fortunate, especially when we consider how many games are played in a season that we do not receive too many complaints regarding our coaches and this is a testament to the quality of volunteer coaches involved in our organization.

Again on behalf of our Executive thank you and best of luck to everyone this season.

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