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U5-U9 Jamboree Schedule

The Jamboree is a fun day where each team will play two soccer matches.  There are no scores or standing and no playoffs.  In-between the matches there will be bouncy castles, a fish pond, balloons and clowns, face painting and a BBQ.

For our U5 and U6 coaches ONLY, we ask that you please return your pug net to us at the medal tent after the second match has been played.  The teams will be playing teams from other nights, this way the children are playing a new team that they haven’t met all season.  You do not have to do the 30 minutes of practice before each match.  If both coaches decide they just want to play the match that is fine.  This is a fun day and the club wants everyone to have a great time, and you as coaches know what your team is ready for. 

Medals, every child will receive a participation medal.  Coaches will be picking up the medals and handing them out to their players after the second game.

The field locations.  Veteran’s field is the field across from the mini put and King Cone, on Judge Avenue; right by the Lakeshore overpass where all that bridge work is being done.  ONR field is right behind the King Cone and mini put, the parking lot is off of Lee Avenue.  Amelia field is across from Lee Park on Memorial Dr by the water front. 

The fields will be set up similar to what you have been playing on all season.  All the fields will be marked to help make it easier to locate where you need to go for your match.  There will be multiple matches going on at the same time and if you or a parent has questions about where you are playing, please ask one of the volunteers for assistance.  We will also have schedules posted around the Veteran building (has washrooms) to assist in case someone can’t remember where they need to be.

The BBQ will be set up at the Veterans building.  Please stop by the BBQ wearing your jersey for your free hotdog or hamburger and drink. 

The bouncy castles and big soccer balls will be at the far end of the Veterans soccer field.                                                                                                                                 

Schedules can be found by selecting "Schedules" then "U5-U9 Jamboree Schedule" then selecting the division your child plays in.

We hope that we have been able to address any questions that you may have had regarding the Jamboree, if you do require more information please don’t hesitate to contact us at 705-494-7388, or email and we will be happy assist you.

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