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Week of May 13

Please call us once you see the practice schedule has been posted online.  We will make every attempt to have it posted by Tuesday afternoon each week.  Please note that practice times change throughout the season.  Please make sure you book the practice times with the office to ensure there are no conflicts when showing up at a field. 

If you need to cancel your practice please let the office know so they can put the time back up for another coach to book it.  

The following is a list of what fields are the correct size for your divison

  • U5-U6 ~ Ike Bowness
  • U7 - U8 ~ ONRU9-U10 ~ SOSC - C1 & C2
  • U11-U12 ~ Amelia
  • U13/U14 ~ ONR
  • Sr. Girls and Boys SOSC-A

Not all fields have practice time slots and if we need to reschedule a game, you may lose your practice as games come before a practice.  Thank you for understanding.

Each team will receive half the field to allow for more teams to be able to practice  

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