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Rules 2019

1. Referees are responsible for checking the website for the schedule and  confirm their games for the upcoming weeks. ; put the mouse pointer over the word Referees (do NOT click) in the purple row, then move the pointer to Referee Schedules, and then click on the week you are looking for. There may be more than one schedule so please make sure to check all the schedules.

2. If you see a blank spot feel free to call in, send an email or send a message via facebook, to accept that game. A blank spot means we have NO ONE to referee or assistant referee that game.

Our phone number is 705-494-7388 and our email is 

3. It is your responsibility to write your name on the game cards.  NO NAME = NO PAY   Please write clearly on every Game Card.

4. Please take the time to fill out the game cards properly.  Information can be found under Referees, How to Fill Out a Game Card.

5. You get paid at the end of each month (June, July, and August).  We pay you on the game cards that have been handed in, so if cards are late, those games will not show up until the next month's pay.

6. Cards must be dropped off no later than 48 hours after the game is finished.  there is a wooden drop of box you can use.  The wooden drop off box is located between the Veteran's ball diamond and the change rooms at Veteran's field, there is a mail slot on the left hand side of the wooden box.  Please just slip your game cards into the slot.  You may also bring your game cards into the office, please see our hours of operation on the home page. 

7. We expect you to be professional and courteous, please arrive at the field 15 minutes before the game dressed to work; shirts tucked in, socks pulled up, no sunglasses, no hats. Walk the field and check to ensure the field is safe, and also look at the goals and nets.  Please report any concerns or holes you may come across. 

8. Rain: please check the website before going to your game if the weather looks bad. The city may cancel games and if such a cancellation happens it will be posted to our website and on Facebook.  You are able to cancel a game also for the following reasons only:  

Lightening/Thunder rule please see Canadian Soccer's ruling on this

Unsafe field conditions, pooling water (there is so much water on the field).  We do NOT want anyone to get hurt.

Should you need to cancel the game and 2/3 or more of the game has been played, the score will stand as it is.  If less than 2/3 of the game has been played, the game will need to be replayed in the entirety and the office will reschedule the game at a later date.

Extreme heat: please allow for water breaks every 15 minutes when teams have few to no subs.  The game will be played and tell coaches to keep players in the shade if possible.

9. All players have been informed swearing is a automatic red card, for the first couple games give a warning to the first swearer, but the next kid who swears gets a red card.

Referee harassment is not acceptable, if you must eject coaches, parents/spectators, or players from the field of play do so.  If you do eject someone please ensure that the proper paper work is filled out so the proper steps can be followed to ensure that this does not happen to another referee in future.  The forms you need to fill out can be found under Referee Forms.   

10. Law 4 - Players Equipment:   No jewelry at all. It is your responsibility to make sure the players are not wearing any jewelry.  Jewelry can NOT be taped, it must be removed.  If the player does not remove the jewelry than the player can not play.  Once the player has been asked to remove the jewelry, he/she can NOT enter the playing field until the referee or assistant referee has verified the jewelry has been removed.  

11.  Equipment checks must be done at the start of each game.  Please line the players up on the touch line and look at each player to ensure they are not wearing jewelry, hats, sunglasses, or hard plastic headbands.  Please make sure shirts are tucked in and shin guards are on and fully covered by the sock.  No shin guards, no playing.

You will be assessed over the course of the season by the club, the club's head referee, and District Referee Coordinator.  The person may have some advice that can improve on your ability to referee.

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